A Summer Together in God's Word

To see the beauty of the world our Lord has made we must awaken our palette to see the works of the Lord. There is no greater place to be enlivened in the faith than around a study of the Word of the Lord. To foster this common ground Jordan is presenting studies of our shared faith at different sites around our community all summer. The theme of common ground is taken from the power our Lord gave to the early Christian church as seen in Acts 2:44, “all who believed were together and had all things in common”.

Make time this summer to embrace the Word of God with others at Jordan as we see how our common ground rooted in the spoken Word is the key to our walking forward in faith. Our congregation is equipped and strengthened by the Holy Spirit as we abide in God's Word. Look at the small group study times and locations to see where you can connect this summer into the story our Lord has given to us our Common Ground.