10 Year Blueprint

How will people characterize Jordan Lutheran Church in 2026? The 10 Year Blueprint document is an outline of what our church’s leaders believe God wants us to accomplish as we go forward in the mission of this church.

On February 8, 2009 worship service began among the family of faith called Jordan Lutheran Church. For the past 7 seven years the Lord has guided the mission and ministry of this congregation. The future of Jordan Lutheran is in the Lord’s gracious and loving care.

The 10 Year Blueprint is a guide for the coming years as our congregation seeks to teach and train disciples of Jesus Christ. We will start to put into place the key strategies outlined in the blueprint as we boldly proclaim Christ's work in our homes, our communities and to the ends of the earth.


Objective One - Know Christ
To bring individuals into a saving faith with Jesus Christ and into an active relationship with His body, the church.

Objective Two - Grow in Christ
To help believers mature in their Christian faith and scriptural knowledge.

Objective Three - Serve Christ
To equip, empower, and release believers for ministry that is based upon their unique spiritual gifts, passions, and experiences.

Objective Four - Go for Christ
To empower individuals to share Christ Jesus and fulfill their God given vocations.

Download Complete Blueprint PDF

Download the complete Spring 2016 Blueprint document to learn more about the plans God has in place for the future of Jordan Lutheran Church and the mission to "Encounter God, Embrace the Word, and Impact all Nations."